Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cape Verde Islands: books on its history

So, what's the plan for these books? As I got interested in the history of the Cape Verde Islands, I saw that the books I wanted to read did not exist, or were not available, or out-of-print, ... Looking a bit further and with the availability of all sorts of information on the internet, I think there is a lot worth publishing in book form. A book has the advantage to be read and taken anywhere and it is not as tiring as reading from a computer screen - reading a book gives you more time to absord its contents. Thus, I decided to (re)publish in book form all the material worth it I can lay my hands on. Of course, you cannot just publish other persons stuff. Basically, the material should be free of copyrights, or the owner should grant them to me for publication. The material in the first book (Cape Verde Islands: Historical Visits) is free of copyrights (Project Gutenberg) and granted for one chapter (University of Michigan Making of America). Publishing these books via Lulu.com enables me to keep everything in my own hands. I can fully determine the contents of the book, its layout, cover, binding, pricing, availability. Further publications 1. Historical Visits [PUBLISHED] 2. Jesuit Documents: texts assembled by Da Mota, and translated by P.E.H. Hair (available here: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/AfricaFocus/AfricaFocus-idx?id=AfricaFocus.Jesuit01) 3. Black and White Make Brown, by Archibald Lyall, 1938 (out-of-print) Potentially: # Several books of Senna Barcelos (Portuguese) # 'Sailing Letters': Dutch letters which were taken as loot by English pirates Feedback If you have hints on copyrights of the mentioned material, or other material you would like to see published, please contact me: andreas[at]heuijerjans.net.